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Venters Solicitors Family Law

We specialize in all aspects of family law including Separation/Divorce/Financial matters and Children. Where possible we will work in a way to preserve our client's dignity and to encourage agreement. However, in cases where it is not possible to achieve agreement and Court Proceedings have to be pursued we aim to ensure that any proceedings are conducted in a constructive and realistic way to minimize conflict and distress as far as possible. We could best be described as adopting a firm but fair approach on behalf of our clients whose interests we will always put first, although recognizing that in children's cases, it is always the child whose welfare is paramount.

In children's cases involving Public Law Proceedings, where proceedings have been issued by a Local Authority (the State), we believe in the right of a parent/carer/family member to be heard and to the right to challenge the State in cases where it is justified.

We are members of Resolution; Association of Lawyers for Children and the Law Society Children Panel all of which requires us to receive regular training and to maintain a high standard of professional expertise.

If you are in a failing relationship and need advice or help regarding a custody dispute or a care order, we can help.

Any form of family dispute whether involving children or not creates an emotional time when focusing clearly on what really matters can be difficult. That's why you need the help and support of an expert such as ourselves.

Our Family Department has considerable knowledge and experience:

  • Family Law
  • Relationship Breakdown and Divorce
  • Children
  • Private Law Proceedings
    (e.g.not involving a Public Authority usually involving family members
  • Public Law Proceedings
    (e.g.involving a Public Authority such as a Local Authority
  • Money and Property
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Mediation
  • Adoption
  • Foreign Adoption
  • Child Abduction
  • Forced Marriages

Venters Solicitors have a great deal of experience and expertise in complex and demanding childrens' matters. These include all types of relocation cases.